Across Europe, huge audience sit – often in beautiful, national theaters – and experience journalism: reported stories augmented with audio, video and live music and put together in a new genre you could call ‘theatrical journalism’. Paris-based Live Magazine has curated and presented 64 of those journalism shows in 17 cities across Europe, in collaboration with major cultural festivals and news organizations.

Instead of turning pages, enjoy the show. 
There’s no taping, rewinding or instant replay, it’s all in the here and now: a living, ephemeral newspaper. The only way to watch it is in person and the only remaining trace of it will be the memories of the tales heard on the night of the show. 

Marseille TICKETS

Live Magazine of the Mediterranean

MucemThursday, February 10th 2022


Live magazine on the International Day for the human rights

Hôtel de VilleFriday december 10th 2021 - 15h