Kris belligh, lorenzo carola, soumaya hallack & emilie tack

Kris Belligh (baritone), Lorenzo Carola (tenor), Emilie Tack (mezzo-soprano) and Soumaya Hallak (soprano) – ordered here from deepest to highest (in pitch) — are lyric singers. They have sung almost every work known across Europe’s greatest concert halls: opera from Bizet to Wagner and sacred music from Bach to Pergolesi. This is the third time that they have sung together as a SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone) quartet. Their first performance together was on rue du Commerce, in the ‘Atelier Marcel Hastir’, home the Belgian painter and resistance member. They also do things that have nothing to do with lyric singing: novel writing and radio producing for RTBF (Lorenzo), cultural administration (Emilie at Opera-Europa, Lorenzo at the Forum des Compo- siteurs), humanitarian work through song in Syria (Soumaya), orchestra conducting (Kris, who says: Music is all my life).