Antoine dreyfus

Antoine Dreyfus is an investigative journalist. After 15 years reporting internationally for the French weekly VSD (with a special fondness for covering autocrats and dictators: Nyazov the Turkmen, Abdullah the Saudi, Kim the North Korean), Antoine’s work has most recently focused on health and environmental scandals. His latest investigation into leaked governmental data on the use of classified pesticides in France, has become a book – Toxic, co-written with Martin Boudot – as well as a hugely successful prime-time show on public television.

Tom burgis

Tom Burgis is an investigations correspondent at the Financial Times, with a fondness for kleptocrats (Nazarbayev the Kazakh, Dos Santos the Angolan, Kabila the Congolese). Previously he was the FT’s West Africa correspondent, based in Lagos, and before that, reported out of Johannesburg. His book The Looting Machine: Warlords, Tycoons, Smugglers and the Systematic Theft of Africa’s Wealth was deemed by the New York Times “a brave, defiant book”. He has won top prizes for investigative reporting and was shortlisted for the British Press Awards (including Young Journalist of the Year). Before joining the FT, he wandered South America as a freelancer and covered the resistance to globalisation. He has reported from five continents and been tear-gassed on four. He is currently writing his second book, Kleptopia: How Dirty Money Conquered the World, to be published in 2020.