Maarten lambrechts

Maarten Lambrechts is a data journalist, data designer and “visualization consultant”. It all started when he designed the digital version of Mondiaal Nieuws, also called MO*, a quarterly news magazine published as a supplement of Knack, the very first Flemish magazine in Belgium. He then joined the newsroom of the business daily De Tijd. He is famous in the dataviz community for his course about maps, which starts with the classic affirmation: ”Not only is it easy to lie with maps, it is essential.” Before reshaping virtual landscapes, he was an agricultural economist, reshaping physical landscapes in Belgium and Bolivia.

Yves ubelmann

Yves Ubelmann is an architect and entrepreneur. Having worked on World Heritage sites in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, he co-founded Iconem alongside a former helicopter pilot. Together they design drones to help develop 3D digitization models of archaeological sites, working to preserve humanity’s shared memory through a technic that dates back to photography’s beginnings: photogrammetry. When combined with artificial intelligence (algorithms developed with Microsoft and France’s computer research center INRIA), photogrammetry has allowed Iconem to create digitalize maps of 150 sites in 28 countries. Iconem recently held two hugely successful immersive exhibitions in Paris: at the Grand Palais and at the Arab World Institute.

Nicolas vanderbiest

Nicola Vanderbiest is an academic, currently completing his PhD at Leuven University’s Laboratory for the Analysis of Organisational Communication Systems. Aside from writing a thesis on how companies cope with reputation crises on the internet – bad buzz – of which he has documented 453 occurences, he teaches public relations. Nicolas is frequently called upon by the media (including RTBF’s “Décodeurs” and “A votre avis”, France Culture‘s “Elysée-Moi”) to sort through our politicians’ multifarious digital lives, including France’s presidential candidates. All of Nicolas’ many digital lives can be found cohabitating in harmony at

Ellie uyttenbroek ari versluis

Ellie Uyttenbroek and Ari Versluis are, respectively, stylist and photographer. Together, they’re the creators of a long-running documentary photo series, Exactitudes, which continues to capture the era’s Zeitgeist after twenty-five years, six books, dozens of exhibits, and hundreds of press publications. Ari teaches photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, conducts workshops and works with fashion magazines and brands. Ellie just published the book Ethnomania, an exploration of the photographic collection of the Wereldmuseum – literally the Museum of the World – of Rotterdam, the city where one night in 1994, alongside Ari, she thought up Exactitudes, an ethnographic exploration of the 21st century in its own right.

John burn-murdoch

John Burn-Murdoch is a data visualization journalist with the Financial Times. He uses data and graphics to tell stories about the pressing issues facing modern societies. To put it another way,  he makes “charts that change minds”. John passes on his enthusiasm for statistics and scatterplots as a guest lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, and won the award for best individual portfolio at the international Data Journalism Awards in 2017. He then joined the military, served in the Afghan and Egyptian wars and became the commanding engineer of state railways in India. Wait – that must be the other JBM. Who said facts needed context?