Jean-philippe collard-neven & emilie tack

Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven is a composer and pianist. He has always been improvising – “how else can one play?” – and is fascinated by the piano : “The only instrument that produces at once a music’s rhythm, harmony, and melody.” He loves testing new boundaries and has worked with movie-makers, artists and theatre productions. He is a professor of chamber music and improvisation at the Mons Royal Conservatory, and performs frequently both as a soloist and chamber musician. His work was awarded an Octave (Belgium’s equivalent of a BRIT award). Emilie Tack is a Brussels-based mezzo-soprano. She often sings for the The New Baroque Times Voices and her opera repertoire includes Rosine (The Barber of Seville), Cleopatra (Julius Caesar) and Dido (Dido and Aeneas).

Eric slabiak, dario ivkovic et frank anastasio

Eric Slabiak is a composer, violinist and singer. After taking first prize at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, he and his brother founded Les Yeux Noirs, a group that mixed gypsy and klezmer music. After a few world tours, 25 years and 1,5000 concerts, he’s still playing alongside the Sicilian Frank Anastasio on guitar and the Serb Dario Ivkovic on the accordeon. Their new group is named Josef Josef !