At Live Magazine we also love advertising, brands, companies and brand content. The press has always needed advertisers. We are the same. We therefore sometimes use our pens to produce tailor-made shows. Prominent advertisers have recently awarded us a Topcom d’or (in the public relations category) for our Live of LVMH métiers d’excellence featuring Bernard Arnault himself.

We put our talents (from editorial design to storytelling, from coaching to writing, from artistic direction to production) at the service of your campaigns, birthdays, celebrations, conventions and happy evenings. On stage, speakers—from your teams or from our “catalogue”—invariably captivate the audience.

CÉCILE FRANÇOIS, Director of Corporate Communications, Hennessy

Assembling talent and stories in their singularities to make a totally universal creative object that gives faith in humanity – that's the talent of the Live Magazine team.

CHANTAL GAEMPERLÉ, Member of the Executive Committee, LVMH Group

With the Live ‘Show Me’ we gave the floor to craftspeople, creators, apprentices, virtuosos and even some of the CEOs of our houses who shared their know-how.


A unique experience for our traditional New Year’s ceremony. Everyone was captivated. You have been wonderful. And what emotion, the standing ovation at the end of the show.

PIERRE LOUETTE, CEO, Les Echos-Le Parisien

For the 100th anniversary of Les Echos: a curious, analytical Live, passionate about knowledge and experiences of the world, with a little humor and a good dose of passion.

BÉATRICE MANDINE, Executive Director of Communications and Brand, Orange

This Leaders’ Meeting was a success! Thanks to the work of the Live Magazine team we came up with a new format. It was a gamble—and it was more than successful.


Our SCOR Live Review brought to life personal and impactful stories that shed a new light on the meaning of our work.

NATHALIE RYKIEL, VP of the Board of Directors, Maison Sonia Rykiel

You gave us a moment of grace and intelligence, delicacy, freedom, and madness too. It was intimate, it was gentle and tough, it felt like us and it was real.

BENJAMIN WAGNER, Global Programs Manager, Facebook

You gave our very cerebral, nearly-academic gathering for the top European editors a deeply-feeling, beating heart. It reminded us all why this matters to democracy, and our very humanity. Thank you!

AGATHE DERAIN, Responsible Sourcing Director, Chanel

We have succeeded in producing together demanding, inspiring and coherent content. The feedback is hyperbolic, the press is unanimous, they loved it! Thank you for your investment, availability and flexibility. It is deeply inspiring for us to have the opportunity to work with you.

GRÉGORY DOUCET, Mayor, City of Lyon

An event rich in lessons and emotions, with poignant testimonies.

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