The oger, paris 2017

He opens his agenda to that day: november 19th, 2019. he carefully tears out the page, crumples it, and swallows it.

A true comic book character, paris 2014

I have an appointment at noon with the president.

The backstage of europe, brussells 2016

Overcome with hunger, angela merkel crosses the street to the maison antoine fry stand across the street. she orders a cornet of fries. what sauce? andalusian.

Facing the sun, strasbourg 2016

I take a group photo. someone whispers: ‘they’re all there. europe’s biggest fascists.

Surprise, paris 2017

For those of you who may be overweight, take it from me: if you want to get thinner, become prime minister. i’ve lost six kilos myself.

Babel, strasbourg 2017

If a hungarian deputy makes a joke, the other hungarian deputies will laugh, and then the germans, english, french… but the portuguese will be a little behind because the portuguese translator doesn’t necessarily speak hungarian.

The devil in the front row, paris 2017

A fashion show isn’t fashion, it’s a demonstration of power. it’s geopolitics

Brexit, london 2019

Sex is good, but success is better. at oxford in 1978, theresa may had to debate against this claim.